Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just sittin' here thinkin'...

Hi all.  Well here we are and it is already in the 90s!  Can you believe that?!?!?  I know you think working with yarn is hot, but have you ever considered sitting in the air conditioning or under an outdoor fan to knit or crochet?  In the summer, if I am outside at a ballgame or just sitting outside, I try and work with cotton on a small project so that it won't have to sit on my lap while working on it.  Right now, I am working on spa cloths like a madman so that in the fall I will have plenty of them to sell at the fairs.  People are going absolutely crazy over these things.  Oh!  And I have come up with a cute little Kozy Koozie for all those 'sweaty' drink glasses, cans or whatnot.  Those things are great for not getting your lap wet when trying to get a little refreshment!  My friend Helen has made a whole bunch of them in different sizes and is going to use them at her new pool!  What a great idea.  I am making flowers and using buttons to put on them so anyone could tell which one is theirs.  Also a neat idea.

Here at Ewe Knit it is cool inside.  I know people have been on vacation and not a lot is going on in here right now, but I am bracing for when everybody gets back.  People seem to be on fire when they come back from vacation, wanting to start making gifts.  I think people are getting smarter since the economy went south.  More and more are making Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Birthday gifts instead of going out and just picking up the first thing they can find.  A handmade gift is the gift that keeps on giving.  It makes a difference when you have a gift that you know someone has put a lot of work and love into.  It's like having a hug every time you wear or use it.  A lot of kids are learning to knit and crochet.  My granddaughters, Megan and Abbie, are learning and this summer I will be also teaching them to sew.  What an honor for me to be able to do that for them.  I will give them a talent they can go through life using.  My grandmother Dewberry gave me a gift like that when I was little and I never forgot it.  She taught me to crochet when I was 6 and I have used it ever since!  I also started designing at an early age because I could not find patterns that I wanted.  One of my shawl designs is being sold all over the South West and I have sold about 900 copies of the pattern.  Reorders come in regularly, so it is great to have that exposure.  More patterns are being published every once in a while.  Lily's Pigtails Hat pattern is doing well, also.  You can see it on the heading for the blog. 

Lately with people traveling I have had a lot of visitors from all over the US and some from overseas.  It is so neat to meet people from other places.  They have different ideas and we all share things.  They go home with new ideas and I remain here with some new ones.  Win win...  Sometimes they even want to get on my email list just to see what is going on that they are missing.  Some come back year after year when they come through Carrollton.  Nice.

A lot of my people (customers, friends, new people) have been wanting me to put things online.  Well...fear of the unknown has been gripping me, but I have begun thinking about doing just that.  What do you think?  Should I?  Should I sell through my blog or set up a website or use Lily's  Decisions, decisions.  If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know.  You can comment on this blog or email me at:  I have a truckload of stuff at home and in a storage room that I could sell as well.  You just never know what is going to turn up in one of those boxes.  ha! 

That's about all I have for today.  Just sitting here thinking and thought I would share some of my thoughts.  Some of them are: Wish I could go get in the pool!  But, oh, well...I digress.  More for another day.

Have a wonderful day and stay cool.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Happenings at Ewe Knit

Hi everybody!  I guess you think I had fallen off the earth!  Well...sometimes it felt like I did.  For the past year and a half I have battled breast cancer; had double mastectomy; chemo; radiation and now having reconstruction surgeries.   I am ok now and going strong!  A lot of things have been going on here at the store.  We have been teaching a lot of classes; going to West Ga. Regional Library, Bremen Middle School for Georgia's 279th birthday celebration; Living History Day at Bremen; teaching more classes in the coming weeks at the library again; and teaching at the Alpaca Fiber Festival in Callaway Gardens in September...just to name a few. 

I would like to thank Ronda Cole for filing in for me during my surgeries, treatments and everything.  She has been a life saver and I love her dearly.  She is wonderful.  She knows about as much as I do about yarns, knitting, crocheting, etc and I trust her with all I have.  Thank you, Ronda.  Thank you, Sandy, for helping during my first surgery.  You, too, are wonderful and have helped me soooooo much.   Everyone has been so supportive and sweet.  Thank you for that.

March 29-April 2, we are having a Spring Fling.  For $25 and up purchases during that time, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift Basket!  You can enter each day if you'd like if you purchase $25 or more each day.  There will be  prizes, sales, etc.  Every year Stitches South causes us to have NO sales for about 2 weeks and all the Atlanta stores are banding together to host this Spring Fling.  This will counteract the loss of sales from Stitches.  Join with us for fun for this event.  

During the month of March, beginner classes (knit or crochet) will be $20 plus supplies instead of the regular $45 plus supplies , so take advantage of this great savings.  Call for an appointment soon.

More ruffle yarn has come in, so hurry by and get yours while there is still some yet.  Other stores cannot seem to get this stuff and I have been getting it since last August before anybody had heard of it.  Finally in about October, magazines came out with a pattern and pictures and people got the fever.  It is still going on and having fun doing the scarves. 

Come by and just check out what is new!!!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hi from Ewe Knit

Hi all.  Just got back from TNNA, the big market for retailers.  We had a blast and learned a whole lot while there.  It was in Columbus, Ohil at the convention center.  I took classes from Melissa Leapman, Debbie Macomber and Mike took a class on marketing through the internet and email.  I took more classes and will be telling you about them soon.  Got to spend time with Debbie Macomber, just sitting and talking about 'stuff' and knitting and writing books, you name it.  Her books are actually about her town where she lives.  All of her neighbors love the fact that they are "transparently" renamed in her books.  It brings lots of business to her town. 

Can you believe I finally got my sign up on the building?  I can't!  I finally look like I am in business!  A lot more people have realized we are here since it went up.  More new classes are coming.  I am working them up now.  We will have our regular Knit Night this coming Thursday at 6:30 right here on Cedar Street.  I hope you all can come out and work on your projects with us.  I am having a sale this week.  Come in and check it out.  I am not sure what ALL I am putting on sale, but thought it was a good time to have one.  People need to start working on their Christmas gifts, so it is a good time to have a sale!  A lot of things are changing around here, so you have to keep coming in to keep up with everything.  You just never know what is next!

Here is Kitty Hazelkorn explaining about her market bag.  She is a market bag queen!  She has a bag full of them and is selling them.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!  Great job, Kitty.

Beverly Dittmer will be spending more time in the store starting next week.  She has graciously offered her services as an intern to me and I am going to take advantage!  She is about to start her training for Master Knitter and wants to learn more about how the store operates, knitting and everything.  She's going to be a big help when I am swamped with classes and alterations and need a helping hand.  Thanks, Bev.

Here is Lily with her own pigtails now.  She's grown out of her little hat (at right).  I know you can't really see her tutu, but we are going to carry tutus in our little boutique that we are setting up soon.  Keep watching for what is happening on that and all classes, etc.  Pretty soon, I think she may learn to knit.  She had two of my giant needles yesterday trying to 'play' them! 

Remember, we are doing embroidery, sewing, alterations, knitting and crochet classes and who knows what else!  Even some macrame jewelry in the near future. 

Come in and sit a spell, knit or crochet a spell and get out of the HEATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'd love to visit with you.

Stay tuned...
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

June 17th and more news

Hi all.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and having an extra day off. I know I am going to enjoy the heck out of the 2, count 'em, 2 days I am taking off! After Tuesday, I hope Mike and I will be able to park in our garage again after about 3 years! When I moved Ewe Knit to the Trojan Center, I put all the stuff I had extra in the garage...where it is still sitting! This weekend (after I close today) will be spent sorting, packing and categorizing yarn, books, projects and put into the storage unit I just rented from J & J Storage! Then I will be able to just go to the unit, look for the right clear plastic box that I need to move back to the store and VOILA! I will have what I need. What a great idea! I know Mike will appreciate not having to go out in the rain to unlock and enter his car~!

This month (June) we will be having Knit Night on different weeks from the norm and it may continue thru July. We have been invited by Dorothy Pittman of Horton Books to come to the square on Thursday, June 17th to join the merchants for night in town. We are to bring our knitting or crocheting, chairs and have a Knit Night out there. It sounded like load of fun and when I ran it past the Knit Nighters last Thursday, we all agreed it would be a good thing to do. We will get more exposure and maybe meet some new people who didn't know we have a yarn shop in town! I appreciate Dorothy's invitation and hopes that we will get new customers out of this. She thinks it might be going on all year, but they are trying it out this summer.

In case of rain on that night, we are invited to move into the coffee shop right beside Horton's. Either rain or shine...we will still have loads of fun. Mark your calendars for more events on the third Thursdays, plus this one. Hope you all can come.

As you know, Mike and I will be attending the yarn market in Columbus, Ohio again this year. We went last year and met more reps and found more neat stuff. Thursday, the Sales Manager of Universal Yarns came down, checked out the shop and invited Mike and me to hang out with Debbie Macomber!!!!! I am scheduled to be in her class on Friday morning (I think it is) and Kathy said for us to come to the Universal booth around 2 where Debbie will be. Universal is selling her new yarn line and Debbie will be giving away patterns and signing them! Maybe I can get some pictures with her and bring them back to show you! Yay!

Come to the store June 10th, 11th and 12th and support Sandy and Ronda who will be having WAYYYYYYYYYY too much fun while I am away! Last year when I got back, Ronda wanted to know when I was leaving again so she could run the store again! Who knows...they might be having a party or something. I may never know! ha!

Book Night will be starting back up when we return. Our book nights are fun, because we listen to books on tape and sit there and knit or crochet, eat and have fun. It's not your regular book club thing. The first one will be A Shop on Blossom St because Debbie gave them to Kathy, the sales manager, and told her to give the extras to a shop or two. Well...we got one! I am going to try and get Debbie to autograph the box when I see her. I know you have probably already read the book, but hearing it is quite different!

I am still rearranging the wool room so that I can put my little boutique on one wall in there. More to come on that later, but I will be selling already made items for those who need a quick gift or who just doesn't want to have to make it! It's a win-win thing. I am also looking into selling on Facebook! There is an ap for that now and I am investigating it.

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Have a great holiday and I will see you next week.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knit Night, Classes and Stitches South

Stitches South and Knit Night and classes

Hey all. I started this note yesterday and got kicked off the computer! I will just try again. ha!

We went to Stitches South Saturday and Mike and I went back Sunday to talk to some of my reps about some neat stuff we want to do. All had a good time and I guess you saw my post that Bev Dittmer won one of the big prizes Sunday! That's great!

Art yarns was there and I talked with leslie, my rep and she is coming sometime maybe in June to do a workshop for us. They have more kits available and we are going to learn to do the process up to the washing and drying. The projects look like a lot of fun and they are really classy looking! We are going to do one of the easier ones first and then maybe have another class later in the summer. We will talk about the dates and I will get back to you.

More classes are coming. Next week May 4 Tuesday, 6-8, Wed May 5 10:30 - 12:30 or 2-4 Wow your friends! learn to make your own kids and yourself some shorts! Easy peasy class, ending with a pair of shorts. What could be better? Bring your own sewing machine, scissors, thread, tape measure, all accessories and the supply list we give you. Cost of the class is $35 which includes the pattern for the shorts or pants. You also learn to read a pattern.

Thursday, May 6 10:30 - 12:30 or 2-4 Learn to make the cute little pillowcase dress that is all the rage right now. This easy method will have you making a bunch of these little things and possibly selling them to friends! Bring your sewing machine and all accessories. Class list can be emailed to you when you sign up. Cost of the class: $30 plus supplies.

Coming in June: SUMMER CAMPS!!! Knit and Crochet! Also, SEWING

Also available, mother and child sewing. 2 hour class and you come out with something you have made. Sign up early for these classes before they fill up. Learn something you can actually use all your life!

Beginning Knitting: Tuesday, May 4 2-4 Cost: $35 for the first 2 hour class, plus supplies. Learn to cast on and knit and how to keep the sides straight. Come on and have some fun. Start making scarves for winter NOW.

Beginning Crochet Wed. May 5 2-4 Cost: $35 for first 2 hours plus supplies. Always wanted to know how to crochet? Well this class can fill the bill. learn to chain, single and possibly Double Crochet and how to make the edges straight. You CAN do it!

Want to start a project but have no clue where to start? We can make a class just for you! Sign up for a lesson and bring your project. The first class is $35 and $20 for the additional Lessons you might need. Friday, May 7 1-3 first lesson in Project Class. Call early to get your spot.

This Thursday, April 30 is Knit Night 6:30 - 8:30. Come on out and enjoy the fellowship. Bring a project that you can work on independently, without help and sit with us, talk, work on your stuff, and just plain have fun. You can even bring your charity stuff you are working on and do it here. Make this your Happy Place!

New yarn box just came in! I have ordered some really beautiful stuff. Come check it out!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Signs are up and we're having Knit Night. Stitches is Saturday, too

Well, the signs are up. Check out the new picture on the Ewe Knit page. There is a double-sided sign at the road, too. More is going to be done to that one, but it is up and that is what counts right now! High Definition Signs put them up yesterday.

This Thursday is Knit Night. Please come and knit or crochet with us. We have a great time! Also, Saturday is Stitches. Yay!!!! I need to have a count of all who will be going. My email is not letting me send out large mailings right now, so I have to depend on Facebook to help me out. If you are definitely going, comment on either my page or the store page. WE will meet here at 9 am Saturday morning. Bring enough money to get in and for lunch. Also, you will need money if you are going to make purchases. can throw a sandwich in your knitting bag and you can eat with us there. This is going to be great fun and I hope you can make it!

In the coming days, I will be offering Spa Night. Anyone interested can let me know. I will teach you how to make spa products like: bath salts and soap and how to present them for a great, never to be forgotten gift for someone! saved LOTS of money making it yourself. This is just one of several classes we will be having that are different. At the spa class, we plan on having some tea and crumpets (cookies) and just make a night of it. Stay tuned for more....

Shannon Dunbabin, owner of Cascade Yarn, came yesterday to see our store, take pictures, blog about us and then sat down and talked to us about yarn. She explained about how waslable wool is made. Some people think it is coated with little burrs are removed and that makes the wool not felt anymore. She explained that Knit Picks put out a release not too long ago and admitted that instead of taking these little thingeys off they just GLUED THEM DOWN! Yuk! No wonder it is not a good feeling wool! Anyway, some cheaper yarns are actually coated with stuff other than glue, but at some point the stuff will start to felt! Who knew? So, folks, it pays to buy good yarn. Right? Right!

We had a good time looking at all the beautiful yarn and talking. Shannon invited any of us who would like to for a visit to Cascade's booth. If anyone has made anything out of her yarns, bring it with you and she is going to take pictures of all the stuff you have made and post it on the blog! How fun!
Sorry you missed out on this little event yesterday. Bev Dittmer came and had a great time.

Come on over Thursday night and knit or crochet with us and just relax. That is the main reason, besides socializing, we have Knit Night. There are 5 Thursdays in the month so we will be having Knit Night Next WEEK, too! 2 in a row. Whooo hoooo. Come and check out the new yarn, too.

Hope you are having a good week. See you Thursday or before.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Stitches South, announcements and Knit Night

Go to blog and be a fanHere I am again! More stuff going on and Knit NightShare

Today at 12:32pm

Stitches South is coming to Atlanta again April 22-25! We had a blast last year and I know this year will be even better. Several people have mentioned that they want to go in a group. Well...if you are interested in being a part of that group, just let me know and I will start a list! How's that?!?!? The entrance fee is $8 at the door or you can to for more options. We will be going on Saturday, April 4th. This is a fun outing and you will enjoy it tremendously!

Some of the classes they are teaching at the market, I can teach you. In the past, I have offered classes almost exactly like these, so if you want to take the classes here...we can do it. The clases "A Taste of Bead Knitting", "ABC Stitch Markers", "Fobulous Fobs", "Knit One Below Scarf", "Simple Seaming" and more are among the classes I have offered in the past. They are fun and quick.

This year, instead of buying your summer clothes, why not learn to make them and show off your style! The sewing classes are fun, quick, easy and will have you up and sewing in no time. Call for more information or to schedule a class. Tired of paying those high prices for simple little cotton sweaters and tops? Why not learn to knit or crochet them and make your friends green with envy? You can create your own and add your own twist to them.

Want tio know how to knit? Well, you can do that, too! We can have a big class or a one on one...same price per student. That makes things easy. We Crochet TOO!!!! Call for a lesson...

Knit Night is this Thursday night. We have a ball at these things and we want you to come and have fun, too. Come on and bring whatever you are working on and join the fun! 6:30 - 8:30. Don't worry if you are a little late, we have people coming in early, some leaving early, and some who stay the whole time! We would love to have you.

New stuff is coming in all the time now. Needles and accessories just arrived Friday and beautiful yarn came in Thursday. More yarn is expected today or tomorrow from Universal Yarn. It's just like Christmas every time a box comes in! It's fun to see what all is in there.

TNNA is in June, so we will be seeing all the new stuff that is coming out for fall and winter seasons. Why not start your Christmas presents early and not have to rush like this year? I have classes of gifts you can make, stockings for hanging and not, LOTS of baby stuff and new and repeat books for making afghans and baby afgans on their way here! IT never ends.....

Come join us at Ewe Knit for fun and yarn petting. We also still do alterations of clothing and knits, so check that out, too.

Go to my website and check out the new look.  There is also a link to another blog that contains classes or lessons available.  There are more classes in this note, so sign up for them!

See you Thursday.