Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hi from Ewe Knit

Hi all.  Just got back from TNNA, the big market for retailers.  We had a blast and learned a whole lot while there.  It was in Columbus, Ohil at the convention center.  I took classes from Melissa Leapman, Debbie Macomber and Mike took a class on marketing through the internet and email.  I took more classes and will be telling you about them soon.  Got to spend time with Debbie Macomber, just sitting and talking about 'stuff' and knitting and writing books, you name it.  Her books are actually about her town where she lives.  All of her neighbors love the fact that they are "transparently" renamed in her books.  It brings lots of business to her town. 

Can you believe I finally got my sign up on the building?  I can't!  I finally look like I am in business!  A lot more people have realized we are here since it went up.  More new classes are coming.  I am working them up now.  We will have our regular Knit Night this coming Thursday at 6:30 right here on Cedar Street.  I hope you all can come out and work on your projects with us.  I am having a sale this week.  Come in and check it out.  I am not sure what ALL I am putting on sale, but thought it was a good time to have one.  People need to start working on their Christmas gifts, so it is a good time to have a sale!  A lot of things are changing around here, so you have to keep coming in to keep up with everything.  You just never know what is next!

Here is Kitty Hazelkorn explaining about her market bag.  She is a market bag queen!  She has a bag full of them and is selling them.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!  Great job, Kitty.

Beverly Dittmer will be spending more time in the store starting next week.  She has graciously offered her services as an intern to me and I am going to take advantage!  She is about to start her training for Master Knitter and wants to learn more about how the store operates, knitting and everything.  She's going to be a big help when I am swamped with classes and alterations and need a helping hand.  Thanks, Bev.

Here is Lily with her own pigtails now.  She's grown out of her little hat (at right).  I know you can't really see her tutu, but we are going to carry tutus in our little boutique that we are setting up soon.  Keep watching for what is happening on that and all classes, etc.  Pretty soon, I think she may learn to knit.  She had two of my giant needles yesterday trying to 'play' them! 

Remember, we are doing embroidery, sewing, alterations, knitting and crochet classes and who knows what else!  Even some macrame jewelry in the near future. 

Come in and sit a spell, knit or crochet a spell and get out of the HEATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'd love to visit with you.

Stay tuned...
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.


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  1. I'm looking forward to spending time at the store with you. I think it truly will be a win-win situation.
    Can't wait!
    From Bev