Saturday, May 29, 2010

June 17th and more news

Hi all.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and having an extra day off. I know I am going to enjoy the heck out of the 2, count 'em, 2 days I am taking off! After Tuesday, I hope Mike and I will be able to park in our garage again after about 3 years! When I moved Ewe Knit to the Trojan Center, I put all the stuff I had extra in the garage...where it is still sitting! This weekend (after I close today) will be spent sorting, packing and categorizing yarn, books, projects and put into the storage unit I just rented from J & J Storage! Then I will be able to just go to the unit, look for the right clear plastic box that I need to move back to the store and VOILA! I will have what I need. What a great idea! I know Mike will appreciate not having to go out in the rain to unlock and enter his car~!

This month (June) we will be having Knit Night on different weeks from the norm and it may continue thru July. We have been invited by Dorothy Pittman of Horton Books to come to the square on Thursday, June 17th to join the merchants for night in town. We are to bring our knitting or crocheting, chairs and have a Knit Night out there. It sounded like load of fun and when I ran it past the Knit Nighters last Thursday, we all agreed it would be a good thing to do. We will get more exposure and maybe meet some new people who didn't know we have a yarn shop in town! I appreciate Dorothy's invitation and hopes that we will get new customers out of this. She thinks it might be going on all year, but they are trying it out this summer.

In case of rain on that night, we are invited to move into the coffee shop right beside Horton's. Either rain or shine...we will still have loads of fun. Mark your calendars for more events on the third Thursdays, plus this one. Hope you all can come.

As you know, Mike and I will be attending the yarn market in Columbus, Ohio again this year. We went last year and met more reps and found more neat stuff. Thursday, the Sales Manager of Universal Yarns came down, checked out the shop and invited Mike and me to hang out with Debbie Macomber!!!!! I am scheduled to be in her class on Friday morning (I think it is) and Kathy said for us to come to the Universal booth around 2 where Debbie will be. Universal is selling her new yarn line and Debbie will be giving away patterns and signing them! Maybe I can get some pictures with her and bring them back to show you! Yay!

Come to the store June 10th, 11th and 12th and support Sandy and Ronda who will be having WAYYYYYYYYYY too much fun while I am away! Last year when I got back, Ronda wanted to know when I was leaving again so she could run the store again! Who knows...they might be having a party or something. I may never know! ha!

Book Night will be starting back up when we return. Our book nights are fun, because we listen to books on tape and sit there and knit or crochet, eat and have fun. It's not your regular book club thing. The first one will be A Shop on Blossom St because Debbie gave them to Kathy, the sales manager, and told her to give the extras to a shop or two. Well...we got one! I am going to try and get Debbie to autograph the box when I see her. I know you have probably already read the book, but hearing it is quite different!

I am still rearranging the wool room so that I can put my little boutique on one wall in there. More to come on that later, but I will be selling already made items for those who need a quick gift or who just doesn't want to have to make it! It's a win-win thing. I am also looking into selling on Facebook! There is an ap for that now and I am investigating it.

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Have a great holiday and I will see you next week.


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