Monday, March 8, 2010

Stitches South, announcements and Knit Night

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Today at 12:32pm

Stitches South is coming to Atlanta again April 22-25! We had a blast last year and I know this year will be even better. Several people have mentioned that they want to go in a group. Well...if you are interested in being a part of that group, just let me know and I will start a list! How's that?!?!? The entrance fee is $8 at the door or you can to for more options. We will be going on Saturday, April 4th. This is a fun outing and you will enjoy it tremendously!

Some of the classes they are teaching at the market, I can teach you. In the past, I have offered classes almost exactly like these, so if you want to take the classes here...we can do it. The clases "A Taste of Bead Knitting", "ABC Stitch Markers", "Fobulous Fobs", "Knit One Below Scarf", "Simple Seaming" and more are among the classes I have offered in the past. They are fun and quick.

This year, instead of buying your summer clothes, why not learn to make them and show off your style! The sewing classes are fun, quick, easy and will have you up and sewing in no time. Call for more information or to schedule a class. Tired of paying those high prices for simple little cotton sweaters and tops? Why not learn to knit or crochet them and make your friends green with envy? You can create your own and add your own twist to them.

Want tio know how to knit? Well, you can do that, too! We can have a big class or a one on one...same price per student. That makes things easy. We Crochet TOO!!!! Call for a lesson...

Knit Night is this Thursday night. We have a ball at these things and we want you to come and have fun, too. Come on and bring whatever you are working on and join the fun! 6:30 - 8:30. Don't worry if you are a little late, we have people coming in early, some leaving early, and some who stay the whole time! We would love to have you.

New stuff is coming in all the time now. Needles and accessories just arrived Friday and beautiful yarn came in Thursday. More yarn is expected today or tomorrow from Universal Yarn. It's just like Christmas every time a box comes in! It's fun to see what all is in there.

TNNA is in June, so we will be seeing all the new stuff that is coming out for fall and winter seasons. Why not start your Christmas presents early and not have to rush like this year? I have classes of gifts you can make, stockings for hanging and not, LOTS of baby stuff and new and repeat books for making afghans and baby afgans on their way here! IT never ends.....

Come join us at Ewe Knit for fun and yarn petting. We also still do alterations of clothing and knits, so check that out, too.

Go to my website and check out the new look.  There is also a link to another blog that contains classes or lessons available.  There are more classes in this note, so sign up for them!

See you Thursday.


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