Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just sittin' here thinkin'...

Hi all.  Well here we are and it is already in the 90s!  Can you believe that?!?!?  I know you think working with yarn is hot, but have you ever considered sitting in the air conditioning or under an outdoor fan to knit or crochet?  In the summer, if I am outside at a ballgame or just sitting outside, I try and work with cotton on a small project so that it won't have to sit on my lap while working on it.  Right now, I am working on spa cloths like a madman so that in the fall I will have plenty of them to sell at the fairs.  People are going absolutely crazy over these things.  Oh!  And I have come up with a cute little Kozy Koozie for all those 'sweaty' drink glasses, cans or whatnot.  Those things are great for not getting your lap wet when trying to get a little refreshment!  My friend Helen has made a whole bunch of them in different sizes and is going to use them at her new pool!  What a great idea.  I am making flowers and using buttons to put on them so anyone could tell which one is theirs.  Also a neat idea.

Here at Ewe Knit it is cool inside.  I know people have been on vacation and not a lot is going on in here right now, but I am bracing for when everybody gets back.  People seem to be on fire when they come back from vacation, wanting to start making gifts.  I think people are getting smarter since the economy went south.  More and more are making Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Birthday gifts instead of going out and just picking up the first thing they can find.  A handmade gift is the gift that keeps on giving.  It makes a difference when you have a gift that you know someone has put a lot of work and love into.  It's like having a hug every time you wear or use it.  A lot of kids are learning to knit and crochet.  My granddaughters, Megan and Abbie, are learning and this summer I will be also teaching them to sew.  What an honor for me to be able to do that for them.  I will give them a talent they can go through life using.  My grandmother Dewberry gave me a gift like that when I was little and I never forgot it.  She taught me to crochet when I was 6 and I have used it ever since!  I also started designing at an early age because I could not find patterns that I wanted.  One of my shawl designs is being sold all over the South West and I have sold about 900 copies of the pattern.  Reorders come in regularly, so it is great to have that exposure.  More patterns are being published every once in a while.  Lily's Pigtails Hat pattern is doing well, also.  You can see it on the heading for the blog. 

Lately with people traveling I have had a lot of visitors from all over the US and some from overseas.  It is so neat to meet people from other places.  They have different ideas and we all share things.  They go home with new ideas and I remain here with some new ones.  Win win...  Sometimes they even want to get on my email list just to see what is going on that they are missing.  Some come back year after year when they come through Carrollton.  Nice.

A lot of my people (customers, friends, new people) have been wanting me to put things online.  Well...fear of the unknown has been gripping me, but I have begun thinking about doing just that.  What do you think?  Should I?  Should I sell through my blog or set up a website or use Lily's  Decisions, decisions.  If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know.  You can comment on this blog or email me at:  I have a truckload of stuff at home and in a storage room that I could sell as well.  You just never know what is going to turn up in one of those boxes.  ha! 

That's about all I have for today.  Just sitting here thinking and thought I would share some of my thoughts.  Some of them are: Wish I could go get in the pool!  But, oh, well...I digress.  More for another day.

Have a wonderful day and stay cool.


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  1. Hi, Lynn. I know what you mean about people coming through your store and then coming back year after year. I only visited you once but it was memorable, and I follow you on Facebook and your blog just to see what the you and the shop are doing. I live in Tucker, GA right now so it is even harder to get into Carrollton than when I lived in Douglasville. Keep up the good work, and someday I hope to get back to Ewe Knit.